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Rock Candy - Textured

Rock Candy - Textured


This is an original, ceramic, abstract, hand painted ornament. Part of the textured collection of ornaments. 


Each brushstroke is uniquely painted with artist quality acrylics and sealed with a clear coating. You’ll discover a variety of different textures and colors at every angle. It’s the perfect piece to add a luxe element to your holiday decor and makes for great gifts for loved ones, teachers, party hosts, and of course art collectors!


Each ornament is adorned with a genuine Clear Quartz crystal & optional gold plated 2021 charm  (please indicate preference below), along with a beautiful ribbon combination that complements each unique piece. Please handle with care as they are made of ceramic, and each ornament weights about 5 oz.


A note for my fellow Crystal lovers!

* Clear Quartz crystals amplify energy, and this crystal will arrive energetically cleansed and ready for you to program with your personal intention to carry you into the new year!


To program your crystal with your intention, simply follow these steps (Note: There is no wrong way to do this, just hold on to those positive thoughts of yours!):


1) Hold the ornament with both hands in front of you, with the Clear Quartz crystal facing you.

2) Close your eyes and clearly envision (in detail) your intention or goal that you'd like to manifest and bring into your life.

3) Take a moment to really feel into those emotions as if you already have what you desire. When you realize you are smiling, you’re doing this PERFECTLY!

3) Once you feel you’re ready, take an intentional deep breath and blow that beautiful, thoughtful, energy you just gathered towards the crystal. There you have it!


You have now assigned your crystal a job to do, and it is now programmed with your special intention to bring that energy into your reality. :)

If you have any questions, or would like additional support or guidance on additional pieces to help support you in your manifesting journey, please contact me anytime! I'm so happy to help!



  • Diameter

    3" inches

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