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Blue Kyanite ring

Blue Kyanite ring


The stone used to make your original piece will vary and look slightly different from the image shown.  All stones are special and hand picked for you upon creation of your magical piece.


Blue Kyanite, resin, silver plated adjustable ring (one size fits all comfortably).

Ring metal color can be customized - either Antique Brass, Silver, Gold finish.


Blue Kyanite: encourages elf-expression, communication and speaking ones truth, promotes confidence. Associated with the throat chakra.


Kyanite is a soft stone , please keep this away from water.


To cleanse your stone you can simply blow on it visualizing the intention of bright white light passing through it clearing it of any energies it may have absorbed.


Each piece is handmade with love and positive intentions, just for you.

Ring FInish
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